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Swim Workouts


I don't like the word EASY. You're here to challenge yourself. These workouts are not timed. The CHALLENGING Series uses shorter distance sets.

2000 yds/meters

30 minute swim

1000-1350 yds/meters

1200 yds/meters

More Challenging

MEDIUM is mediocre. The MORE CHALLENGING series is a step above the CHALLENGING series. You've done those workouts. You're looking for something more. This series uses longer distance sets than the CHALLENGING workouts with some timed aspects.

3300 yds/meters

2750 yds/meters

3000 yds/meters

Most Challenging

The MOST CHALLENGING series uses time to keep you moving faster. Make the time listed. You can use a clock at the pool or a stopwatch. These workouts are generally longer in time and use longer distance sets.

3050 yds/meters

4200 yds/meters

3300 yds/meters

Favorite Set!

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