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Why It’s Important To Have A Spotter

Having a spotter can make or break your workout. A spotter is someone at the gym who can help and support you during your workout set. A spotter can be a friend at the gym with you during your entire workout or a random stranger that you ask for help with a single lift. No. a spotter is not someone just watching you lift or standing by your station. A true spotter focuses his or her attention on you, and is there for you in a moments notice to help you lift safely.

The beauty of having a spotter is confidence. There is a assuring quality to having someone there watching you as you lift. Someone there to correct form, posture, or save you from a heavy weight if you exhaust all your energy. When you know someone is there to make sure nothing bad happens when you are lifting, especially heavier weights, you have greater confidence in yourself and confidence that nothing will go wrong. That being said, it is important to make sure your spotter is capable of helping you and willing to focus their attention on you. A poor spotter can put someone in a dangerous situation.

Knowing your own limits is important, but a spotter can give you the strength and courage to push beyond those limits.

In addition to greater confidence, a spotter can push you beyond your limits. A spotter should motivate you and assist you for the last repetition of your set, or help to achieve the max weight repetition. There are many occasions where a person does not feel comfortable lifting weight beyond their normal routine, and that's perfectly fine. In fact, that is the safest route. It is intimidating and if you’re not in the right mindset, lifting heavy weight can be nerve-wrecking. Knowing that a person is able to help you lift beyond your comfort zone in a safe manner makes the experience much less stressful. Besides, if you can do one more repetition than you are used to, or lift a single pound more than you are used to, your muscles will feel it the next day and you'll feel accomplished instantly.

Don't be afraid to go up to someone in the gym and ask them to spot you. Rarely does it occur that someone is unwilling to help and if they are unwilling, it's probably because they don't feel safe doing so. Having a spotter is safe practice and it pays off to be able to go beyond your limits.

I do not own the images used in this article nor am I affiliated with any brands identified. All images were found using Google images and the rights to the images remain with their original owner.Consult your physician before lifting weights or doing strenuous exercise.

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