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Swimming Equipment

You get to the pool and you notice a bunch of equipment on the pool deck. Maybe you are familiar with these items and maybe you're not. This article will explore the different types of equipment at the pool and how to use them.


The right pair of goggles can help make swimming more enjoyable and comfortable. Goggles can be found in sporting good stores and there are great selections online at reasonable prices. I personally use Metro Swim Shop's page or SwimOutlet.

Pull Buoy

Pull buoys come in various shapes and sizes. The pull buoy is placed in between your thighs (traditional) or your calves to limit leg movement and keep your legs afloat while you focus on the pulling aspect of swimming. This movement is great for your arms, back, and shoulders. Be sure to rotate your torso when using a pull buoy to breathe, keeping your legs relaxed. Choose one that is comfortable for you.


Kickboards are used to limit the movement of arms and allow you to focus on kicking through the water with your head above water or down in the water. Kickboards can be held at the handles, with both hands around the top of the board, with both hands at the bottom of the board, or both hands gripping the sides of the board. Pushing down slightly on the board will naturally raise the rest of your body in the water. The movement created using a kickboard targets the legs, especially the thigh muscles.


Pool "weights" are a useful tool for conditioning or physical therapy. Quatations are used because these particular tools are not heavy. The buoyancy of the foam adds resistance when the weights are pushed down into the water. If using these in the pool, you may stand in the shallow area to have a better supporting base with your legs.

Swim cap

Swim caps can help manage long hair while swimming and reduce the impact of chlorine in hair. There are different types of caps, including latex and silicone caps. Swim caps are inexpensive and great for racing to reduce drag in the water. The goggles can go underneath or over the top depending on your comfort and preference.

I do not own the images used in this article nor am I affiliated with the brands identified. All images were found using Google images and the rights to the images remain with their original owner.

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