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Remove This From Your Diet Immediately!!!

When I was in high school, I used to drink a can of Coca-Cola, Sprite, or other soda with my lunch everyday. Yeah, seriously. I was burning off so many calories with the 4-5 hours of swimming I was doing, so maybe it didn't matter, but I realized that soda was keeping me from my fitness goals and I realized how bad soda really was for my body. If you're drinking soda or you have some in your refrigerator, this article is for you.

Soda products contain high concentrations of sugar, sodium, and caffeine. We all know that these products are good and bad at the same time. Good in low doses and from things like fruit, or green tea. With soda, all these concentrations are bad news for your body and health.

With Coke products, you can expect about 150 calories per can and 33g of sugar. A bottle of Coca Cola, compared to a can, has 52g of sugar. Imagine putting about 13.5 sugar cubes into your drink and that's what you'd get. Diet Coke and Coke Zero will save you the calories and sugar, but instead of sugar, they use aspartame, a sweetener that has been controversial for potential cancer development. Regardless of whether you drink diet soda or consume the regular soda, soda will affect your body in other negative ways.

I used Coca Cola products as an example because most people are familiar with them. Soda consumption leads to bone thinning, dehydration from the caffeine, tooth decay from acid levels, more cavities, and that bloated feeling from the carbonation. This can lead your body to feel sluggish, tired, and keep you from your fitness regime. Additionally, health studies have suggested increases in heart disease, slower metabolism, ingestation of carcinogens, and links to asthma. Check out this link for more in-depth details.

It's time to leave the soda and carbonated beverages behind. Here's what you can do to help wean yourself off of soda:

1. Get rid of the soda in your house. Removing the temptation is the first step.

2. Get your caffeine craving from somewhere else. Try iced green tea instead.

3. Purchase something to take its place. Try buying a fruit juice instead. When you feel the desire to get a drink, you will have that option available in your fridge.

4. If you cannot restrain from the soda, water it down more and more each time you have some until you no longer need it.

5. Avoid soda at office parties, birthday events, picnics, and BBQ's. If you know soda may be the only choice, drink water or bring your own option along.

Eventually, your body will reject the idea of soda. You'll feel better about yourself, you may even begin to lose weight, and you'll thank yourself for it. It's time to forge your body and mind. Get rid of the soda. You're on your way to a better you.

I do not own the images used in this article nor am I affiliated with the brands identified. All images were found using Google images and the rights to the images remain with their original owner. Consult your physician or health care provider regarding nutrition to see if caffeine is right for you. Results may vary.

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